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                                         Iraqi Stamps 'n' Coins

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Stamp pages 1917 - 1979 inclusive done.
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Ottomans Used in Iraq. 
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Updated on 26/12/2014
New Medallion Added
       #8, President Saddam Hussein, Conference Palace Baghdad 1982,
       hardly seen before.

New Coins Added:
Kufa 101 AH, Wasit 88 & 114 AH, Copper fils from Harran

1- Al-Hadi, Ifriqya second example
2- Al-Amin Muhammadiyah 193 AH.
3- Al-Ma'moon 198 Madinat Alsalam citing (al-khalifa al-Ma'moon &
          Hamd), VERY RARE
4- Al-Muktafi, Halab second example, and Mosul.
5- Al-Muqtadir Mosul 307 AH.
6- Al-Mustansir, Copper Fils Mosul Mint.

1-Mu'Izz Al-Din Sangar Shah, Jazira Mint, 601 AH, Uqiya, VERY RARE
2- Saif Al-Ding Ghazi bin Mawdud, Jazira mint.

1- Copper Dirham, citing Mongoki, 4th example

1- Hulago, Jazira mint
2- Abu Sa'id, Rare copper fils, Baghdad mint
3- Muhammed, Baghdad , 73X, another example    

1- Abu Sa'ida Mint, very scarce